With VoIP telephone systems coming in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of features. Some systems can even help you train employees across a wide spectrum of areas- whether it’s simply just listening in to live conversations or referring to the call history analytics, there is potential for everyone to learn here.


Systems like the Splicecom Maximiser for instance is able to record specific phone calls so you can save and listen back to them later. You can record your star employee and playback their conversation to new starters. This is also useful further down the line when it comes to assessing employee performance during a review. Positive and negative aspects of their performance can be brought up and help further their development in your workplace.


The feature known as ‘Whisper’ is perfect for new starters as it allows a manager or supervisor to listen into live conversations and assess and help the employee in real time. It is a very useful way for a supervisor to coach and provide live feedback and direction without intruding on the conversation itself. It also a great confidence settler, giving nervous employees assurance that there is an experienced head available such an escalation occur.


Employee reviews and assessment can be developed further with phone systems like the Maximiser and similar with the advantageous call analytics feature. Here you can really dig down into specific numbers and details; from call length, volume and leads. For instance, are you employees taking too long with calls? Could they perform at a faster rate and cut call time and length in half? With Call Analytics, you can check and gain a department-wide, or indeed, a company-wide average. You can also pinpoint spikes in sales leads and conversions and correct any issues in real time, right down to specific employees. It is a perfect tool to keep your employees performing at their best, all the while keeping things discreet and professional.


Training new employees can be a difficult task, especially if you work in a company that takes on hundreds, if not thousands of employees every year. Many hosted telephone systems now come packaged with call record and analytics software, either at a flat fee or with a specific set amount of space per month for your recordings. As it becomes more necessary to have call recording software in your business, it is worth considering the value of it to your employees as well, it can help them out, improving their performance and confidence, improving your sales and generating more revenue for your business.

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