VoIP telephony is growing at an incredible rate, with the take-up for businesses across the UK increasing every year. Combined with the increase in popularity of cloud technology (personally and in a business sense) we are starting to see businesses remain connected more than ever before, and the evolution of the industry is expected to progress even further in 2020. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some trends that we may see in the coming 12 months.

Unified Communications to dominate

Although not everyone will be familiar with the phrase, Unified Communications (UC) is expected to take off in a big way in 2020. The very idea that a worker’s form of communication- their voice, text, IM, video, email and social can all be brought together into one UC workflow will be highly appealing to employees and directors alike. The idea is that the various forms of communication are able to complement each other and ensure that the user never misses a message or call; always being connected.

Further migration to the Cloud

The continuation of voice services moving away from more traditional premise-based PBX systems and to the cloud is expected to continue in 2020. Not only is it becoming more and more accepted by businesses, it is being actively encouraged and becoming quite the norm. The benefits include scalability to easy deployment from anywhere in the world, expanded features, HD audio call quality and unified messaging across various devices such as your mobile phone, laptop, desktop and tablet.

The emergence of 5G Technology

5G is not expected to break through to the mainstream this year, maybe not even next year but it is almost certain that it will start to peak above the metaphorical parapet in 2020. We will start to see the first inklings and it will be a very important step in the evolution of VoIP. From boosting wireless speeds, to providing higher quality audio, an increased response rate and less latency.

Improved Security

Security has been an area that VoIP has been striving to improve over the past few years. It’s no secret that an internet-based call is easier to breach than a traditional telephone call over a landline, so it has been made a priority by many providers in their 2020 releases. Encrypting of data is just one example of the measures being taken. We will see the increased use of Session Border Controllers (SBC) as both a voice security device and as means to bridge telephony systems with Sip trunks and other pure cloud systems.

Instant Messaging to make a comeback

Remember the days of MSN and Windows Messenger? Similar services such as Slack and Microsoft Teams are being adopted by more and more businesses in favour of email. Real time responses are becoming more accepted and efficient with a presence feature also providing useful, especially for those with UC implementation as mentioned earlier.

In Conclusion…

There are expected to be more than one billion VoIP users by the end of the year, and while of course we can’t be sure that everything in this list will (or won’t) occur, one thing can be mistaken. VoIP is changing the way businesses do communication and as the years continue to pass, it will expand, adapt and improve to benefit as many businesses as possible.

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