If you’re thinking of investing in a VoIP phone system, you may be wondering about the technical requirements. VoIP has a lot of benefits to offer businesses, but will you need to make so much investment in infrastructure that it’s no longer worth it? The answer is no. A VoIP system for small business use is actually very easy to integrate.

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What Do You Need To Think About?

Your Internet Connection

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol – the keyword there is internet. If you’re going to migrate a large portion of your communications to an internet-based system, it’s important you have the connectivity to back it up. VoIP is becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses of all sizes, so your internet service provider should have a good idea of whether or not your current package can cope. If not, you will have to think about upgrading in order to reliably support your VoIP system.

The Requirements For Smaller Businesses

For smaller businesses, the only further equipment you will need to think about are VoIP enabled telephones, to match the number of desks or installations in your current premises. Depending on the phones you have, you might be able to get analogue telephone adapters which allow you to use VoIP without having to invest in new phones. Any business mobiles will have to be re-configured too; however, you can have calls routed to those mobiles via a virtual phone number if you want to do away with handsets altogether.

The Needs of Larger Businesses

If you have a larger business, the volume of your VoIP traffic is going to be much larger, potentially so much so that it exceeds the bandwidth you’re allowed from your internet service provider. The solution to this problem is a Premises-Based Service (PBX). This basically means installing dedicated servers on your premises through which you can route your internet communication traffic. If your business already has a Local Area Network installation, it may be possible to adapt it to handle your VoIP needs as well.

So, Do You Need A Lot of Equipment?

Not at all. VoIP definitely has some unique equipment requirements, but the truth is that none of them are inaccessible regardless of the size of your business. For the benefits and convenience VoIP can offer, the infrastructure investment required is minimal. To learn more about what your business will need, or how it can benefit from a VoIP business phone system, contact Staveley Comms today.

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