What Is An Automated Telephony System And What Can It Do For My Business

While the internet has become an alternative source of information for customers, many still prefer to pick up the phone. Nearly half of customers prefer to use the phone when contacting a business for the first time, and most will still use the phone for urgent queries or complaints. This means that answering incoming calls promptly and effectively is more important than ever. This is where an automated telephony system can help.

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What Is An Automated Telephony System?

Automated telephony system is the general term used to describe any telephone system that interacts with callers without human input (other than that of the person making the call). A basic example of this would be an automated message followed by a list of options that can be selected via the numbers on the caller’s dial pad. A more advanced example is interactive voice response (IVR) technology. This allows the caller to speak normally and be understood by the computer, which can then direct their call to the appropriate location.

What Are The Benefits Of An Automated Telephony System?

An automated telephony system can help your business in several ways:

Avoid Missed Calls

Research shows that over a third of unanswered callers will not call back again. A human receptionist can only take one call at a time, but an automated telephony system will never miss a call. It can even be left on overnight to catch out of hours callers.

Appear Professional

First impressions count in business, and an automated telephony system will give you an air of professionalism. A well-chosen message can paint your business in a positive light, ensuring that customers are in a positive frame of mind by the time you speak to them.

Provide Consistency

Everyone has their off days. A human receptionist will be tired or irritable from time to time, and this can lead to a negative customer experience. An automated telephony system guarantees the same level of service every single time.

Save Money

Hiring a receptionist can be expensive, especially if you are receiving enough calls to require several. An automated telephony system can save you money, either by replacing one or more of your receptionists or by freeing them up to concentrate on other work that can’t be automated.

Personalise Your Customer Experience

An automated telephony system will allow you to choose your own messages, so you can select a tone of voice that matches your business.

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