We hear the term bandied about from time to time, but what is office infrastructure? In essence, office infrastructure describes the framework of a company, including the essential amenities, facilities, structures and services that constitute the bones of the business.

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It takes more than listing buildings to accurately describe office infrastructure, meaning that non-physical aspects of a business, such as applications and software, are also part of office infrastructure.

Office infrastructure is found in many shapes across the world of business, so depending on your industry or sector, the infrastructure of your company may vary wildly. Below, we outline the most commonly seen types of office infrastructure.

What Is Office Infrastructure?

Network Services

Office infrastructure such as telephony, online networks and other communication and network services.

Computing Services

Key components of a business make up a large part of office infrastructure. Examples include the operating systems for hardware, databases for stored information, security tools and software, computing platforms, communications systems and customer and content management platforms.

IT Services

The lifeblood of the tech side of business infrastructure includes IT services such as the help desk for technical issues, backup services, information and data security.

Business Services

The basic functions of a business and how it operates is also part of office infrastructure. This includes things like payroll and financial controls as well as other means to manage finances.

Energy And Power Management

How a business receives power is another cog in the overall office infrastructure. Things like generators, solar panels, backup supplies and main power lines will all contribute to office infrastructure.


In regards to office infrastructure, facilities denote sites that hold other forms of infrastructure, such as data centres.


Anything that covers transportation relating to a business will fall under transport office infrastructure. For example, if there is an employee bus or specific company roads.

Business Continuity

If there is a catastrophic failure in a business, such as a natural disaster or complete loss of vital data, disaster recovery sites and systems are integral to keeping a business running. It’s also another cog in the larger framework of a company’s office infrastructure.

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