If you’re thinking, “should I switch to Office 365?”, you have several key considerations to make. Office 365 is consistently growing in popularity and can offer a range of useful features for all businesses. However, every business is different, and the migration process to a new Office 365 installation can be complicated.

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Why switch to Office 365? The answer is because it works and because it allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from multiple versions of Microsoft’s products, without the stress and expense of buying, configuring, and managing installations on an ongoing basis via an in-house team.

Despite that, here are some things to consider when moving to Office 365.

1. All Office 365 Deployments Are Different

As with many things, there’s rarely an all or nothing approach with Office 365. Not every business will have use of every one of the suite’s applications, so that means the installation you end up with will have to be tailored to your individual requirements. The transition process will be as straightforward as possible, but it can still be a daunting prospect.

2. It Can Be Difficult To Archive Your Email

Archiving your email can be difficult and potentially time-consuming and worrying for users who have grown used to a previous email client, and a lot of legacy email clients don’t work so well with Office 365. It is still possible to export emails for integration into a new system, but this involves transferring large amounts of data, which can be a slow process.

3. Your Network Speeds Can Slow Everything Down

Transferring to a new Office 365 installation involves the transition of a large amount of data, so your network provider must be able to handle it. Check with them beforehand to understand what exactly your network data transfer limitations are over a given period. If data transfer slows to a crawl, it will potentially put the rest of the transfer on hold.

4. The Cheapest Office 365 Isn’t Always The Best

It’s tempting for smaller companies to try and save money by opting for cheaper and less fully featured Office 365 licenses. While this saves money in the short term, it can also potentially stifle growth by limiting key functionality requirements. Sometimes, more investment is required earlier to ensure your business has access to the right package to support its growing needs.

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